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Re: can't connect to ldap server

On Mon, 2004-07-26 at 09:05, Isabelle Heu wrote:
> Hello,
> i've installed openldap on a fedora 2 box in order to do authentication with 
> ldap.
> here's what i've installed :
> openldap-2.1.29-1
> openldap-servers-2.1.29-1
> openldap-clients-2.1.29-1
> openldap-devel-2.1.29-1
> nss_ldap-217-1
> the ldap server is running.
>  i can do ldapsearch locally but cannot remotely.
> i've configured the client by "authconfig" and i put the correct server.
> i got the error :
> 	ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server
> and i don't have tcpwrapper
> so i don't understand what's the problem.
> does somebody have an idea?
I would suggest that you use the ldapsearch command from the new
computer to test whether the client on the new computer can query the
ldap server first - before you subject it to authentication.