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RE: reindexing required?

> By the way, after some more research/benchmarking, we've 
> found a way to 
> make slapindex significantly faster on large databases. The 
> code is now 
> in OpenLDAP's CVS HEAD. (see the back-bdb "linearindex" 
> config option.)
> And another note, if you only need to run slapindex because 
> you've added 
> a new index, then you should run it with all the other 
> indices commented 
> out. That will also make things much faster, since it won't 
> waste time 
> working on existing indices that don't need updating.
> -- 

Excellent suggestion.  I didn't even think of that.  Turns out, my directory
only took 300 seconds to reindex.  The reason I thought it took much longer
is b/c on the first try, it locked up.

When I first ran it, I ran it without -v so I ctrl-break out of it and reran
it with the -v option.  When I did that, it sat there on the first element.
I didn't realize that it was actually stuck.  When I stoppped that process
and ran db_recover and then reran slapindex, it blasted through all the

-- DK