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Re: openldap up; can't db_stat

fre, 23.07.2004 kl. 13.31 skrev Rich Graves:

> OK, I'll try again with heimdal et al and post erors as I see them.


> Renaming /usr/lib/sasl2 out of the way is what makes me most nervous about 
> maintainability.

'man up2date'. If you're going in for a "proper" Openldap set of tools
(*do* use >= 2.2.14 it's really good) with SASL and all, you have to go
the source way. Don't rely on others' rpms. Then you have no choice but
to erase /usr/lib/sasl2 completely or link as I wrote. I've had no
trouble with RedHat dependencies, using the new libs. AGAIN, RH's sasl2
is 2.1.15, which had bugs, which is why the present version is 2.1.18.



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