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Re: kill HUP

Raissa Dantas Freire de Medeiros writes:

> Does anybody know why slapd doesn't work with "kill -HUP"? When I do
> "kill -HUP", slapd stops and is not restarted.

Slapd just isn't designed to do that.  It could be done, with some
limitations, but...

Its -r, -u and -g options perform irreversible changes to the
environment a new slapd process would start in, so it would not
work to just close down operations and re-run the slapd executable.
Even if it just restarted without re-running the executable, it
cannot reopen the listener sockets if it has lost root access.

I think the chdir("/") which it usually does also can cause some
trouble, since relative filenames which worked the first time it started
won't work again.  It could save and restore the original working
directory, but this is not quite reliable, even without the problems
with the options above.