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Re: need upgrade help

--On Wednesday, July 14, 2004 7:51 AM +0100 Marendra Nutriaji <marendra@yahoo.com> wrote:

i found the problem of those particular applications.
It is becasue there is installation faulty with slave
ldap where they are referring to. but my master is
fine, so i redirect them to master, everything runs
only the smbldap-tools still not working.
i have done what Quanah told me to, debug it. there
are some application in smbldap-tools communicate with
ldap(such as useradd), but the other doesn't. the ldap
bedug windows doensn't even move when i try to run
smblda-passwd command. maybe there is something wrong
with the applications.

It sounds like it is not configured correctly or something, as it is failing to talk to the LDAP server.

One question to pursue is whether or not it uses LDAP v2, and if it does, then do you have LDAP v2 binds enabled in your slave server?


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