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Re: lost data

--On Wednesday, July 14, 2004 2:47 PM +0200 Jordi Llorens <Jordi.Llorens@add.es> wrote:

Hello, I'm working in Red Hat 8 with openldap 2.x and Berkeley DB 4.1.x I've got the same environment in another customer, and works fine, but in this installation, if i reboot the machine without stops the slapd process, all data, except the base dn, are lost. any idea?

I would guess that with one of them, the data is not being forced out to the database. I would look over the database options in slapd.conf. Or you may wish to try a db_recover after reboot, in case the database was corrupted.

I assume you are running OpenLDAP 2.0. You probably want to investigate upgrading to a supported version of Redhat (if you are sticking with redhat), or switch to another distribution.

I'll also note that OpenLDAP 2.0 is dead, and that BDB 4.1.x had some serious problems. You may wish to look at upgrading to OpenLDAP 2.2, and BDB 4.2.x (with patches if applicable).


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