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Re: Problems with slurpd

--On Wednesday, July 14, 2004 10:12 AM +0200 "Gemeiner, Jan" <Jan.Gemeiner@dresdner-bank.com> wrote:


I'm replicating to 4 or 5 servers. One of them refuses the replication
sometimes, but the are configured the same. Yesterday, I was able to do
the replication afterwards, with the one-shot method.
But now, the server is still refusing. I know, if I shut it down and start
it again (the slave ldap), it will propably work. But I can't shut down
the daemon every day. And why
does this only occure on one host, not on the other 4 replicas??

I suggest that you start slapd on the problematic host with the -d -1 flag, and see what it says it is doing when the slurpd connection comes in. Also, what did you hit control-C on? The replica that is failing to take updates? If it is hanging, maybe its database is corrupt. Have you done a recover on it (I'm not clear how you do that with LDBM)?

I also suggest you research switching to the BDB database backend rather than LDBM. See:


for the reasons why.


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