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Re: need upgrade help

--On Wednesday, July 14, 2004 4:00 AM +0100 Marendra Nutriaji <marendra@yahoo.com> wrote:

Perfect, excelent, all upgrade process runs well, and
i can browse my new version of ldap loaded with my old
database. Thank you Quanah...

Except, some function of external program didnot work.

i use smbldap-tools to automatically create,delete, change user .password and connect my ldap to samba for authentication. Everything work fine before i upgrade. After i upgrade, i smbldap-tools seems not able to search my new ldap server. if user smbldap-passwd to change user's password , it always said that user doesnot exist. it works before. I use the default ACL and haven't done some restrictions.

If anyone can help i will be so grateful

I suggest starting slapd with the -d -1 flag, and do a single connection via the smbldap-tools and see what problems it reports. Given that only some external programs don't work, it sounds like they in particular may have an issue. Knowing how they are searching and looking at the debug output can show you what issues are being hit.


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