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Re: question about replication of ldap

--On Wednesday, July 14, 2004 3:49 AM +0100 Marendra Nutriaji <marendra@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear All experts,

i know that openldap can do replication between master
and slave, and the replication contains the whole
bunch of directory database inside the ldap server,
can openldap do:

1. replication only the small part / some part of
directory ? if it can, how can i do that?
2. replication master to master?

thank you in advance for your time...

I suggest reading up on syncRepl in OpenLDAP 2.2.

You can use it to replicate only portions of the directory structure (entry wise, not sure about as fine a level as particular attributes).

Note that you could apply this for option #2 (have Master A be global Master, Master B be a syncReplica of A, and then have Replica's C,D, and E pull their data via syncRepl from B).


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