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Re: need upgrade help

--On Monday, July 12, 2004 12:03 PM +0100 Marendra Nutriaji <marendra@yahoo.com> wrote:

Thank you for all your replies and solutions

i have another problem, maybe it is not directly
related to OpenLDAP itself, but more to Linux. Here's
the case:
Due to my previous installation (OpenLDAP 2.1 from my
distro) already established, and some programs
(sendmail, samba) refer the ldap librray to it.
How can i change their parameter so they can run with
library with my new LDAP (because i will compile and
put my new openldap in another directory)

i'm sorry if it is a newbie question, but i hope you
can help me here.

Thank you in advance

You don't necessarily have to. Our OpenLDAP 2.1 libraries talk to OpenLDAP 2.2 just fine, because the protocol they speak to one another (LDAPv3) hasn't changed. If you are installing your 2.2 installation in a separate location from the distro libraries, you should be able to set things up so it all plays nicely together.


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