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"suffix" in "replica" slapd.conf directive deprecated?


slapd.conf(5) states, for the "replica" directive:

"Zero  or  more suffix instances can be used to select the subtrees that will
be replicated (defaults to all the database)."

I was (still am, actually) having problem with a replication setup and went to
take a look at the code:

       } else if ( !strncasecmp( cargv[ i ],
                        SUFFIXSTR, sizeof( SUFFIXSTR ) - 1 ) ) {
            /* ignore it */ ;
        } else if ( !strncasecmp( cargv[i], STARTTLSSTR, sizeof(STARTTLSSTR)-1 )) {

Am I reading this correctly? Is the "suffix" option being ignored?
If yes, why?