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Re: Could not create LDAP session handle (3): Time limit exceeded

> Thank you Quanah and Igor for your input.
> I have upgraded to OpenLDAP 2.2.14 (which was overdue anyway), but I am
> still having trouble with LDAP searches specified in URI style.
> The following non-URI form of ldapsearch works just fine:
> ldapsearch -v -x -h tester2.infoeng.flinders.edu.au -D
> cn=Manager,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au -w secret -b
> ou=diskquotas,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au
> Am I correct in expecting the following command to work?:
> ldapsearch -v -x -D cn=Manager,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au -w
> secret -H
> "ldap://tester2.infoeng.flinders.edu.au/ou=diskquotas,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au";
> It doesn't.  I still get:
> ldap_initialize(
> ldap://tester2.infoeng.flinders.edu.au/ou=diskquotas,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au
> )
> Could not create LDAP session handle (3): Time limit exceeded
> Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong?  Or is the URI method of
> specifying a search indeed broken in 2.2.14, as Igor suggests?

The error message is definitely misleading, but you're supposed to provide
only the [host][:port] part of the URI, while the search base must be
provided via the -b switch.  The man page does not specify this as well,
so I guess some clarification is needed.


Pierangelo Masarati

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