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Re: Could not create LDAP session handle (3): Time limit exceeded

Thank you Quanah and Igor for your input.

I have upgraded to OpenLDAP 2.2.14 (which was overdue anyway), but I am still having trouble with LDAP searches specified in URI style.

The following non-URI form of ldapsearch works just fine:
ldapsearch -v -x -h tester2.infoeng.flinders.edu.au -D cn=Manager,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au -w secret -b ou=diskquotas,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au

Am I correct in expecting the following command to work?:
ldapsearch -v -x -D cn=Manager,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au -w secret -H "ldap://tester2.infoeng.flinders.edu.au/ou=diskquotas,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au";

It doesn't. I still get:
ldap_initialize( ldap://tester2.infoeng.flinders.edu.au/ou=diskquotas,dc=infoeng,dc=flinders,dc=edu,dc=au )
Could not create LDAP session handle (3): Time limit exceeded

Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong? Or is the URI method of specifying a search indeed broken in 2.2.14, as Igor suggests?


At 15:02 25/06/2004, Igor Brezac wrote:

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> Any reasonable answer is going to ask you to upgrade to a supported version
> first.  I suggest 2.2.13 or 2.2.14.

If this is the case, 2.2.14 is broken as well. I do not think search base
is meant to be passed along with URI to ldap_initialize().  The error in
2.1.21 is misleading and wrong (bug?);  2.2.14 says
'ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Can't contact LDAP server (-1)', when uri
is invalid (-H lda//), the server returns "Could not create LDAP session
handle (3): Time limit exceeded".  I would expect 'Invalid URI' or similar
in both cases.

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