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Re: smbldap-populate Complaing about access

At 01:08 PM 7/2/2004, Josiah Ritchie wrote:
>When I run the utility smbldap-populate
>This has be puzzled. I've provided permissions as clean as possible in
>my slapd.conf: access to * by * write. Since this didn't work I tried to
>add the it with the command:

># ldapadd -D "cn=samba,ou=People,dc=cougarnet,dc=bible,dc=edu" -f
>Admin.ldif  -w *****
>adding new entry
>ldapadd: update failed:
>ldap_add: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)
>        additional info: index generation failed

Like your directory/file permissions are not correct for
this database.  You should make sure that the database
directory and all files it contains are writable by
slapd(8) process.