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RE: index generation failed

> Ok...after 4 hours of troubleshooting I post an email, and decide to start
> adding data from scratch and found what I think was my error right away
> (of
> course).  I was following a tutorial that told me to add the base (domain)
> entry as an organizational unit.  I'm guessing having an organizational
> unit
> as the base, with organization units underneath and no organization killed
> the objectClass index.  Any reason why slapadd would allow this though?
> Makes me think I should use ldapadd instead as a general rule since it's
> more strict.

It seems to me that you're messing things a bit up.
You can use whatever objectClass makes sense to you
for the base entry of your db; this has nothing to
do with indices, though, but rather with the logics
of your tree.  Apparently, your error resulted from
some other underlying error (80 means a very generic
error, not related to LDAP itself but rather to
implementation details or error coming from an
underlying, implementation dependent layer.

slapadd does not differ that much from ldapadd in
terms of consistency of the results.  Yes, there are
some differences, but neither of them is going to
complain if the base entry is an organizationalUnit
instead of a country or a person or so.


> Thanks,
> Kevin Williams
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> Subject: index generation failed
> Hi,
> I'm doing my first LDAP install and almost completed it without a hitch!
> Unfortunately LDAP commands fail on me every time, and I can't figure out
> why.  For example, I want to add "Groups" (in an ldif file).  Here's the
> file:
> dn: ou=Groups,dc=tarity,dc=com
> ou: Groups
> objectClass: organizationalUnit
> If I do it using slapadd it works great!  But if I do it using ldapadd, it
> fails with the following error message:
> "ldap_add: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)
> additional info: index generation failed
> I get similar error messages when I try to modify or delete records as
> well
> via ldapmodiy.
> I traced this down to an index issue (OBVIOUSLY) and removed the following
> line from my slapd.conf file (last line in the file):
> index	objectClass	eq
> When I commented this line out, it worked like a champ...the thing is, I
> would like to USE indexes (I've been told their helpful after all:) )
> Does anyone know what might be happening here?  Why does the insert of the
> object work, but the insert of the index fail?  Is there something I need
> to
> do to configure indexes that I missed during setup?  I'm on Gentoo, using
> openldap 2.1.26.
> Thanks in advance!

Pierangelo Masarati

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