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Re: OpenLDAP, DB2 back-sql and UnixODBC configuration.

> Hi,
> i'm trying to use IBM's DB2 as a database backend for the slapd. But
> when I fire up the slapd program I get an error message and the "native
> error code: -1013". The debug trace of slapd is appended to this
> message.
> Does anyone know where the problem could be? Does anyone has already a
> working configuration using OpenLDAP, DB2 and UnixODBC and send it to
> me?
> The DB2 database is running under the user "goyaldap". I can also
> connect to this database with this user account, and play around in this
> database. So I think this problem is not a DB2 issue.
> I set & exported the environment variable DB2INSTANCE to the same user
> account. I read the common documentation about using DB2 as a backend
> and how to configure UnixODBC. I can even connect & query the database
> with the "isql" program which is shipped with UnixODBC package. So
> UnixODBC is also configured correct?
> I also figured out, that the name of the DB2 database must match the
> name of the UnixODBC "topic" (in my example "[GOYALDAP]").

what user are you running slapd as?  I think you need to run it
with the same user as the database, and with the appropriate
environment exported (e.g. source /path/to/db2profile) and so on.


Pierangelo Masarati

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