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Re: ldapdb and postfix

tor, 24.06.2004 kl. 04.50 skrev Paul Jacobson:

> I should clarify that I have postfix setup using ldap to retrieve 
> virtual mappings, accepted domains etc and maildrop 1.5.3 using ldap 
> to retrieve maildir path. This all works correctly under openldap 
> 2.2.13, although as an aside maildrop 1.6.3 refused to talk to slapd.
> I'm attempting to implement ldapdb as a means of implementing 
> SASLavoiding having to run saslauthd - one less daemon is a good 
> thing. I've used 
> <http://www.billy.demon.nl/Postfix-SASL-authentication.html> as a 
> guide to implementing this part of the setup and have configured the 
> SASL proxy user to respond correctly to ldapsearch and ldapwhoami 
> queries. When I configure postfix stmpd to use ldapdb I get SASL auth 
> failure messages in maillog and no indication of any kind of query in 
> the slapd log.
> I'm trying to work out if this is an inherent problem with 2.2.x and 
> I should shift to 2.1.30 or whether I have simply bungled the setup. 
> It is possible that running on OpenBSD 3.5 introduces some additional 
> problems!

I have the following working well together:

Openldap 2.2.14 (the heart of all my authorization ;) Postfix
2.1.3/TLS/SASL/LDAP/ldapdb, maildrop 1.6.3/LDAP and Courier IMAP
3.0.5/LDAP. I've tried Openldap 2.1.29 with the same setup, and it works
just as well (why shouldn't it?).

There are notes on how to set up Openldap/ldapdb using SASL digest-md5
auth on the website below.



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