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Re: slapadd/bdb tuning newbie

--On Tuesday, June 22, 2004 11:27 PM -0700 Gary LaVoy <glavoy@apple.com> wrote:

Maybe someone can help? (I did search the internet, FAQ, previous posts,
etc - most of the hours I spent reading how no one will suggest any
DB_CONFIG settings for many good reasons, but still the pain is high for
me so far to be able to do this effectively).

# Set database flags.
# comment this out after doing slapadd...
set_flags   DB_TXN_NOSYNC

This is wrong. You set this *when doing slapadd* not after.



Also OL 2.1.22 was a problematic release you should dump.

BDB 4.1.x had its own issues.

I strongly suggest upgrading to BDB 4.2.52 +patches (see above website) and OL 2.2.13.

It takes 2 hours to load our 330,000 entries with 60 or so attributes being indexed (the more attributes you index, the longer it takes). It takes 20 minutes to load those entries with 5 attributes indexed.


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