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Re: Problems With passwd Command on Solaris 9

At 08:58 AM 6/22/2004, MrPaulAR wrote:
>I'm unable to change my password when logged in as myself.  But it
>works fine when logged in as root.  I'm using the current stable
>OpenLDAP and the Solairs 9 LDAP client files.
>Here is the output from the console for each
>  root@saddam:/etc# passwd pwthoma
>  Enter existing login(LDAP) password: 
>  New password: 
>  Re-enter new password: 
>  LDAP passwd changed for pwthoma
>But for myself
>  pwthoma@saddam:~$ passwd pwthoma
>  Enter existing login password: 
>  passwd (LDAP): Permission denied
>  passwd (LDAP): Permission denied
>  Permission denied

You should translate the above into LDAP requests for the
benefit of those who haven't a clue (and don't care to have
one) as to what Solaris login is doing here.

If you don't know what Solaris login is doing here, suggest
you figure that out first.  Logs and sniffing tools likely
would help.  Or maybe a list specific to Solaris login...

Until then, Kurt