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Problems With passwd Command on Solaris 9

I'm unable to change my password when logged in as myself.  But it
works fine when logged in as root.  I'm using the current stable
OpenLDAP and the Solairs 9 LDAP client files.

Here is the output from the console for each

  root@saddam:/etc# passwd pwthoma
  Enter existing login(LDAP) password: 
  New password: 
  Re-enter new password: 
  LDAP passwd changed for pwthoma

But for myself

  pwthoma@saddam:~$ passwd pwthoma
  Enter existing login password: 
  passwd (LDAP): Permission denied
  passwd (LDAP): Permission denied
  Permission denied

When I run slapd -d 128 so I can see ACL stuff I don't see anything is
denied.  Every entry is as follows

Backend ACL: access to attrs=userPassword
        by dn.regex=cn=Manager,dc=anc.net,dc=anci write(=wrscx)
        by self write(=wrscx)
        by anonymous auth(=x)
        by * none(=n)

Backend ACL: access to *
        by self write(=wrscx)
        by * read(=rscx)

=> access_allowed: search access to
"objectClass" requested
<= root access granted

Any comments on this?