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Re: SeeAlso

daniel@unity.ncsu.edu wrote:

Does anyone know if any clients follow "SeeAlso"? I'm trying to figure out if it's a simple reference, or if clients actually follow it manually and pull information from the SeeAlso. Like: if RecordA has SeeAlso: RecordB Would a client return the contents of RecordA -and- RecordB or just RecordA and the SeeAlso is there for the reader's benefit?

BTW: This should go to ldap@umich.edu list since it's a general LDAP question.

Semantics of seeAlso is not really well-defined for general use. I'd suggest
not to implement any automatic behaviour unless you've specified exactly
what 'seeAlso' means in *your* environment.

In web2ldap I simply display a link for following the reference to the
target entry. Well, just like web2ldap displays a link for *any* attribute
value with DN syntax...

Ciao, Michael.