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RE: caching magic (was: How to trace activity on Window platform ?)

Doh - the man page I first glanced at was from an old version (I should really wipe it out)

Is this an option you can set only before you have created the database? 

I tried setting it on an existing database, and ldap wont start.


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Subject: RE: caching magic (was: How to trace activity on Window platform ?)

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>  >> - what does shm_key do again?
>> Allocates the DB database memory to use a shared memory segment (RAM)
>> rather than disk-based memory environment.  It dramatically improves
>> data  load times among other things.
> Could you give an example of how to use/set this?  I looked at the
> Berkeley docs... And I certainly didn't realize this from their
> documentation.  Maybe I looked at the wrong thing.
> This goes in the DB_CONFIG file, I assume?  I see it requires an int -
> does it really matter what I pick?  I gather from the docs that it is
> just a key.

No, it goes in slapd.conf in OpenLDAP 2.2 or later.  It is documented in 
the slapd-bdb manpage:

     shm_key <integer>
          Specify a key for a shared memory BDB  environment.  By
          default  the  BDB environment uses memory mapped files.
          If a non-zero value is specified, it will  be  used  as
          the  key  to  identify a shared memory region that will
          house the environment.

>From my slapd.conf:

database    bdb
shm_key     5


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