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2.2.13 and bdb cache size


Once more, question about calculating the cache size for bdb DB_CONFIG.

I while agou, there was posted the following formula:

cache = pagesize_of_dn2id*(internal_pages+something_small) +
        pagesize_of_dn2entry*(internal_pages+something_small) +
        pagesize_of_index*(Number_of_hash_buckets + number_of_overflow_pages + 

        number_of_duplicate_pages)/2 for all indexes
That was usefull, when indexes where in hash format, now they are in b-tree

So the question is, how i can calculate the cache size for indexes in b-tree
format, can i use the same formula as for dn2id and dn2entry, or i have to take
in account overflow and duplicated pages?