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syncrepl and high availability


Few more questions about 2.2

1. Is it true, that multi-master is not yet supported?
2. Is it safe, by using syncrepl, to turn consumer server, in to master server,
when master goes down?

Short explanation to second question:
I need to build a high available read/write directory. I'm planing to use a
linux heartbeat tools to provide monitoring and IP takeover between openldap
nodes. I don't wont to use a shared storage between tham. So, i'm planing to
use syncrepl, to keep both nodes in sync. When provider node goes down, i want
to restart openldap on consumer node as a providers node. When master comes
back, it will start working as consumer. And so on and so forth.

3. Should i use the same rid on both nodes, when they act as consumers, or
different ones?