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Re: idletimeout good default values

--On Wednesday, June 16, 2004 12:53 PM -0400 John Borwick <borwicjh@wfu.edu> wrote:

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We're noticing that a bunch of clients don't ever disconnect from
OpenLDAP.  The clients connect, issue a query, and then stay connected
forever.  Presumably the user's application is still open and it's set
up for persistent connections.

We've upped the OS limit on the number of open files ("ulimit -n 4096"
in the startup script) to fix connection problems for the short term.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend whether to use an idletimeout,
and if so, what a good value is.  We have both end users and
applications that connect to the server.

Thanks very much!

We use an idletimeout of 30 seconds.

Note that all the systems I've seen that exhibit this behavior will reconnect the next time they need data without problem.


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