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Re: openLDAP not starting on redhat 8

Thanks, didn't think of that. I just tried slapcat and that appeared to work. I tried a similar approach last week, but it didn't work, possibly because I was using ldapadd to suck the ldif file back in instead of slapcat (was getting structuralObject errors). In any case, I assume this now means that the databases are synched, as slapadd did not output any errors when I imported the ldif file. Thank you again.



Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Monday, June 14, 2004 5:31 PM -0700 Peter Traub <peter@vindicia.com> wrote:


I have a somewhat interesting/perplexing problem. I am unable to start
openldap on a redhat 8 box after I copy a database to it that was created
on a redhat 9 box. Here are the facts of the case so far:

Have you tried doing a slapcat on the RedHat 9 box, and then doing a slapadd on the RedHat 8 box, and seeing if it starts then?


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