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Re: caching magic (was: How to trace activity on Window platform ?)

--On Tuesday, June 15, 2004 11:16 AM +0200 Frank Hoffsummer <frank.hoffsummer@svt.se> wrote:

thanks quanah for your answers

so setting  set_cachesize in DB_CONFIG to something larger than the size
of my DBs and then
setting shm_key to something positive in slapd.conf will keep the entire
DB in memory?

the relation between shm_key and set_cachesize isnt clear to me.....

shm_key tells Slapd what shared memory key to use on the system. (X)

set_cachesize tells BDB how large of a cache to create. (Y)

The two parameters together will try to create a shared memory segment with memory key X of size Y


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