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RedHat method of ldap install?

Openldap and Red Hat experts.
We have RedHat 9L installed. We have had a real hard time getting it to compile and to find the openssl C *.h libraries. Apparently, the "CFLAGS = -I" command never works. RedHat 9 has its openssl compiled such that the openssl .h files are in /usr/include/openssl directory which openldap can't find. CFLAGS is useless in including these files.
So has anyone successfully compiled openldap with RedHat's openssl in their default directory? Does anyone use RPM's for openldap, or do you stick to doing a source compile? If so, do you completely install openssl from scratch as well? What method have RedHat 9 users successfully used to install openldap with openssl?

Tim Tyler
Network Engineer - Beloit College