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Re: 8 hours tests ends with inconsistent DB.

--On Sunday, June 13, 2004 3:43 PM +0200 RW <openldap@tauceti.net> wrote:

For the problems I mentioned above it now really seem's to be my own
fault. For the case of the DB corruptions I could now reproduce it. In
this case I'm loading 500.000 entries with ldapadd into the directory. An
entry consists of about 23 attributes. After about 440.000 entries I
get the following messeages:

If you load the 500,000 entries via slapadd, do you see the same thing? ldapadd as a process to add large amounts of entries isn't generally advisable. Perhaps there is a memory leak somewhere. Have you used gdb to set a breakpoint when this error occurs, and do a backtrace? Some profiling of the running process to see its memory usage? It is hard to tell here if the issue is in OpenLDAP or BDB. Although I could see a memory leak causing a loss of resources...


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