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Re: 8 hours tests ends with inconsistent DB.

--- Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> wrote:
> > (a) Either make the data you are using available,
> or a description of it
> > available.  That has not been done.

  We are just benchmarking openldap here. 2.2.12 and
DB with all the patches as suggested by you earlier

> > (b) Describe the configuration you are running
> under.  Although this has
> > been done in part, it has never been answered
> fully, despite repeated
> > requests.

 Gave it to you more than a couple of time.

>> Apache 1.3.29 with php consisting of ldap
read-write-update scripts for
load/performance/sensitivity/scalability testing.
Running on a HP BL20p 2cpu-1GB Ram blade.
>> openldap on a 4cpu-4Gb ram machine.

> although those aren't the only things. ;)
> (c) Describe your access method

  We hit the webserver with some prop testing tools
which i can't talk about. But in simple words. The
process is as follows:

 Testing Tool >> Apache-php >> Openldap
 VA USers

> (d) Describe your query method, filters used, search
> parameters, etc, etc, 
> etc

  The read tests as i mentioned were acceptable and
just reads a simple cn,sn randomly from a million
records. Writes ofccourse consist of entire 200Byte
records. Its the writes/updates which on 8 hour tests
take the setup down.

  And as some say..its all with the OS since Trevor
hasn't configured them base system appropriately. So
what the heck...probably he won't get openldap
configured ever.

  Thanks for all the help Quanah. Am signing off from
the ml post this list of pending mails.


> etc.
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