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back-sql considered experimental?

Hi OpenLDAP Users/Developers,

I'm wondering if back-sql is still considered experimental, taking into
account the fact that a lot of people are building solutions based on
back-sql. The manual page for back-sql still denotes it as experimental
but it hasn't been updated for quite some time I think.

The reason for this question is that I'm talking Nalin Dahyabhai, who is
the maintainer for the OpenLDAP package for RedHat. I recently asked him
if it would be possible to include back-sql support in the openldap
package and he thought it was a good idea to include certain backends as
dynamic-modules but wasn't sure about back-sql, since its man page tells
us it is still experimental.

I've been making various solutions using back-sql and I haven't run into
any huge "oh my god this is experimental"  bugs and I hope some people
on this list are willing to clarify this issue, So I can mail Nalin with
some reassurance regarding back-sql's stability ;-).

Kind regards + thanks for anyone's time,

Rubin Simons.