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Re: back-sql considered experimental?

Rubin wrote:

Hi OpenLDAP Users/Developers,

I'm wondering if back-sql is still considered experimental, taking into
account the fact that a lot of people are building solutions based on
back-sql. The manual page for back-sql still denotes it as experimental
but it hasn't been updated for quite some time I think.

The reason for this question is that I'm talking Nalin Dahyabhai, who is
the maintainer for the OpenLDAP package for RedHat. I recently asked him
if it would be possible to include back-sql support in the openldap
package and he thought it was a good idea to include certain backends as
dynamic-modules but wasn't sure about back-sql, since its man page tells
us it is still experimental.

I've been making various solutions using back-sql and I haven't run into
any huge "oh my god this is experimental"  bugs and I hope some people
on this list are willing to clarify this issue, So I can mail Nalin with
some reassurance regarding back-sql's stability ;-).

Kind regards + thanks for anyone's time,

Rubin Simons.

"experimental" essentiall means there's no specification on how to map LDAP
and SQL, there are many RDBMS related issues that affect many RDBMSes
despite the use of a neutral interface like ODBC, and there are some intrinsicl
imitations, e.g. incomplete syntax support when converting values, e.g., for
filtering, that may represent a problem. We could definitely remove the word
"experimental" from the man pages, since I agree on the fact that many people
are using it and, those that were able to configure it appropriately do not report
any very bad issue (those who haven't be able to make it work will yell at me,
I know ;).


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