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Re: both 8 hour 200 vu tests end in a server abort

Trevor Warren wrote:

Hey Fellas,

 Both yesterdays and todays 8 hours tests consisting
of bombarding openldap 2.2.12 with bdb 4.2.52(with
patches) ended in the same disaster.

 As howard did mention earlier its the same error
about alloc() where openldap isn't able to allocate
more memory.

 Damn it...i moved the setup to a 4CPU-4GB box....from
a 2CPU-1GB. What else do i need to throw in.  The DB
cache was 300Mb.

You still have neglected to mention what resource limits are in effect for the actual slapd process. As such, there is no evidence that you have set up your machine correctly. Swearing/cursing isn't going to improve the situation.

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