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Re: both 8 hour 200 vu tests end in a server abort

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Trevor Warren wrote:

>  Both yesterdays and todays 8 hours tests consisting
> of bombarding openldap 2.2.12 with bdb 4.2.52(with
> patches) ended in the same disaster.

What version of OpenSSL are you using?  This is eerily like the problem I
had with 2.1, where it would run OK for days, then suddenly run out of
memory.  In each case, it was deep inside the certificate handling code.

I never did get around to trying various versions of OpenSSL, and had
to revert to 2.0 until I found more time.

In fact, Howard himself posted nearly a year ago that "As a general note,
OpenSSL 0.9.7 doesn't work well with OpenLDAP.  I don't know if anyone has
taken the time to investigate where the compatibility issues are yet.  I
use 0.9.6 for production deployments."

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