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Re: Error Compiling OpenLDAP 2.2.12

At 07:04 PM 6/8/2004, Erich Kolb wrote:
>I am running RedHat 9, which by default installs db4-4.0.14-20.
>When I attempt to comile openldap per the instructions on the website,

  BDB backend requires Sleepycat Berkeley DB 4.2

>I get an error stating that the version of Berkely DB is incompatible.
>Does anyone have any suggestions,

Install the latest Berkeley DB 4.2 release, plus patches.

>or is there an RPM for RH9 that will make things a little easier?

Maybe.  See the Software FAQ for a list of 3rd party packagers.

>Erich Kolb
>KolbSoft Technologies