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Re: OpenLDAP in Tru64 UNIX

At 01:45 AM 6/8/2004, Jorge Ruão wrote:
>I'm working to see what's happening here, but
>if any of you had experience before with Digital UNIX/Tru64 UNIX

This isn't the place to find help with this non-OpenLDAP module.
Suggest you use an appropriate HP forum here.

>and could point me a way to search for,

I suggest you dig through server logs to understand what
this module is doing (or attempting to do)... and then,
as needed, ask follow-up questions (in the most appropriate
forum for each question) as needed.

>I would be most thankfull.Since I would prefer
>to work with a recent version of OpenLDAP instead of the one that comes with
>UNIX: Openldap 2.0.27
>Jorge Ruão
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>From: "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>
>To: "Alessandro Kenji Urakawa" <aurakawa@metrosp.com.br>
>Cc: "Jorge Ruão" <jruao@fe.up.pt>; "OpenLDAP Mail List"
>Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 9:58 PM
>Subject: Re: OpenLDAP in Tru64 UNIX
>> I assume "version 2" is not referring to a LDAP version but an
>> LDIF version.  Some older versions of OpenLDAP used a bogus
>> "version: 2" of LDIF (which differs from the current LDIFv2
>> proposal).  Both OpenLDAP 2.0 and 2.1 support and, IIRC,
>> use LDAPv3 by default.  I don't "allow bind_v2" matters here
>> one bit.
>> BTW, when you say "no results" do you noSuchObject or do
>> you mean success with no entries.
>> Regardless, I suggest you check the server logs for details
>> as to why its returning what its returning (or not returning
>> in this case).
>> Beyond that, I suggest you consider upgrading the 2.0
>> system to a current version.
>> Kurt
>> At 01:36 PM 6/7/2004, Alessandro Kenji Urakawa wrote:
>> >Hi Jorge,
>> >
>> >Try to put the parameter -b <baseDN> in the ldapsearch, and allow bind_v2
>in the slapd.conf (slackware).
>> >
>> >Regards,
>> >
>> >--
>> >Alessandro Kenji Urakawa
>> >
>> >
>> >Jorge Ruão wrote:
>> >
>> >>Hi,
>> >>
>> >>I'm running OpenLDAP 2.0.27 in a Tru64 Unix v5.1b operating
>> >>system (the one that comes with Tru64 unix). The LDAP Module for system
>authentication (Tru64 UNIX) is also installed to allow the local services
>(SSL, TELNET, FTP and LOGIN) to use LDAP accounts.
>> >>
>> >>I'm also runnig Openldap 2.1.30 in a Slackware 9.1 distribution.
>> >>
>> >>Everything goes fines except when I try to "ldapsearch" from Tru64 UNIX
>to Slackware.
>> >>When i run ldapsearch from the Tru64 Unix machine (ldapsearch -H
>ldap://heaven.fe.up.pt -D cn=admin,dc=fe,dc=up,dc=pt -W -x) to the Slackware
>machine, i'm getting no results!
>> >>
>> >>Ldapsearch from Slackware Machine to Slackware OpenLDAP server (gives
>all results)
>> >>Ldapsearch from Slackware Machine to Tru64 UNIX OpenLDAP server
>> >>(gives all results)
>> >>Ldapsearch from Tru64 UNIX Machine to Tru64 UNIX OpenLDAP server
>> >>(gives all results)
>> >>Ldapsearch from Tru64 UNIX Machine to Slackware OpenLDAP server
>> >>(gives NO results)
>> >>
>> >>In the ldapsearch from Tru64 UNIX i see a message saying "version 2", i
>believe that it is using LDAP v2. But this shouldn't be a problem since
>OpenLDAP 2.1.30 in Slackware is not runing with "Require LDAPv3" option.
>> >>
>> >>Can anyone give me a hint here?Or point me to where should i search?
>> >>Thanks,
>> >>Jorge Ruão
>> >