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Re: OpenLDAP and DB2 backend.

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 16:31, Colin Ewart wrote:
> Roman,
> I've never configured OpenLDAP to use db2 or any other ODBC as a backend.
> I'll also note back-sql is considered experimental. However...
> Debug db2 first. First things to check are:
> * Does the user "db2inst1" exist on the server?
> * Does the user "db2inst1" have access to the database called "GOYALDAP"?
> Test the above questions with the following in sequence:
> #> su - db2inst1
> #> db2 "connect to GOYALDAP user db2inst1 using dub13+"
>                          <or>
> #> db2 "connect to GOYALDAP user db2inst1 using secret"
> #> db2 "list tablespaces"

DB2 connection works fine with the user db2inst1 and I can play with the
tables in my database. I also created the test database from the
"../lapd/back-sql/rdbms_depend/ibmdb2" directory without problems. Even
the isql program from the unixODBC package connects me to the database
and lets me view the tables...

> If the su - fails... well... enough said. If one the above connect commands
> works, there are possible inconsistencies regarding passwords in your
> slapd.conf and odbc.ini which you need to investigate:

Ooops, the 2 different passwords is a copy & paste mistake. In reality
they are the same. :)

>      dbname GOYALDAP
>      dbuser db2inst1
> >> dbpasswd dub13+ <<
>      Database        = goyaldap
>      Servername      = localhost
>      UserName        = db2inst1
> >> Password        = secret <<
> If neither of the above db2 connect commands work, your db2 instance/db is
> misconfigured or does not exist... and that's definitely off topic for this
> list.
> Regards,
> Colin