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OpenLDAP and DB2 backend.

Hi list,

i'm trying to use IBM's DB2 as a backend for OpenLDAP. I read the common
documentation and tried it also with PostgreSQL, which worked fine. I
can also connect and query the database with the "isql GOYALDAP -v"
command. The ldap tables are also created and filled with the test data
from the openldap ibm-db2 examples.

But when i fire up the slapd I get the following debug output, which
says, that something is wrong with the database connection:
"SQLConnect() to database 'GOYALDAP' as user 'db2inst1' failed".

Does someone has a clue what the problem is? Or does someone has a
working configuration with OpenLDAP + IBM DB2 + unixODBC and can send it
to me for studying?

Thanks for help, Roman.

---- slapd debug messages ----------------------------------------------

slapd startup: initiated.
==>backsql_db_open(): testing RDBMS connection
backsql_db_open(): concat func not specified (use "concat_pattern"
directive in slapd.conf)
backsql_db_open(): setting 'upper(ldap_entries.dn)=upper(?)' as default
backsql_db_open(): objectclass mapping SQL statement not specified (use
"oc_query" directive in slapd.conf)
backsql_db_open(): setting 'SELECT
id,name,keytbl,keycol,create_proc,create_keyval,delete_proc,expect_return FROM ldap_oc_mappings' by default
backsql_db_open(): attribute mapping SQL statement not specified (use
"at_query" directive in slapd.conf)
backsql_db_open(): setting 'SELECT
name,sel_expr,from_tbls,join_where,add_proc,delete_proc,param_order,expect_return,sel_expr_u FROM ldap_attr_mappings WHERE oc_map_id=?' by default
backsql_db_open(): entry deletion SQL statement not specified (use
"delentry_query" directive in slapd.conf)
backsql_db_open(): setting 'DELETE FROM ldap_entries WHERE id=?' by
backsql_open_db_conn: SQLConnect() to database 'GOYALDAP' as user
'db2inst1' failed:
Return code: -1
Native error code: -1013
SQL engine state:
backsql_get_db_conn(): could not get connection handle -- returning NULL
backsql_db_open(): connection failed, exiting
backend_startup: bi_db_open(0) failed! (1)
slapd shutdown: initiated
slapd shutdown: freeing system resources.
slapd stopped.
connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.

---- /etc/odbc.ini -----------------------------------------------------

Description     = Goya DB2
Driver          = /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1/lib/libdb2.so
Database        = goyaldap
Servername      = localhost
UserName        = db2inst1
Password        = secret

---- /etc/odbcinst.ini -------------------------------------------------
Trace           = Yes
TraceFile       = /var/log/odbc-trace.log

---- /etc/ldap/slapd.conf ----------------------------------------------

# include <filename>
# Read additional configuration information from the given
# file before continuing with the next line of the current file.

include         /etc/ldap/schema/core.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/cosine.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/nis.schema
include         /etc/ldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema

# Schema check allows for forcing entries to
# match schemas for their objectClasses's
schemacheck     on

# pidfile <filename>
# The (absolute) name of a file that will hold the slapd
# server's process ID ( see getpid(2) ) if started without the
# debugging command line option.

pidfile         /var/run/slapd/slapd.pid

# argsfile <filename> 
# The (absolute) name of a file that will hold the slapd server's
# command line options if started without the debugging command line
# option.

argsfile        /var/run/slapd.args

# loglevel <integer>
# Specify the level at which debugging statements and
# operation statistics should be syslogged (currently logged to the
# syslogd(8) LOG_LOCAL4 facility).  Log levels are additive, and
# available levels are:
#     1	    trace function calls
#     2	    debug packet handling
#     4	    heavy trace debugging
#     8	    connection management
#     16     print out packets sent and received
#     32     search filter processing
#     64     configuration file processing
#     128    access control list processing
#     256    stats log connections/operations/results
#     512    stats log entries sent
#     1024   print communication with shell backends
#     2048   entry parsing

loglevel        256

# modulepath <pathspec>
# Specify a list of directories to search  for  loadable  modules.
# Typically  the  path  is colon-separated but this depends on the
# operating system.

modulepath	/usr/lib/ldap

# moduleload <filename>
# Specify the name of a dynamically loadable module to load.  The
# filename may be an absolute path name or a simple filename. Non-
# absolute names are searched for in the directories specified by the
# modulepath option. This option and the modulepath option are only
# usable if slapd was compiled with --enable-modules.

#moduleload	back_bdb
moduleload	back_sql

# database <databasetype>
# Mark the beginning of a new database instance
# definition.  <databasetype> should be one of bdb, dnssrv, ldap, ldbm,
# meta, monitor, null, passwd, perl, shell, sql, or tcl, depending on
# which backend will serve the database.

database        sql

suffix		"o=sql,c=RU"
#rootdn		"cn=root,o=sql,c=RU"
#rootpw		dub13+
dbname		GOYALDAP
dbuser		db2inst1
dbpasswd	dub13+
subtree_cond	"upper(ldap_entries.dn) LIKE CONCAT('%',?)"
insentry_query	"insert into ldap_entries (id,dn,oc_map_id,parent,keyval)
values ((select max(id)+1 from ldap_entries),?,?,?,?)"
upper_func	"upper"
upper_needs_cast	"yes"
create_needs_select	"yes"
has_ldapinfo_dn_ru	"no"