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Re: sample DB_CONFIG bdb backend docs : a must in faq-o-matic

I recommend working with what the Open LDAP developers prefer (FAQ-O-matic) 
despite its' shortcomings; better good documentation in a suboptimal structure 
than half-assed documentation everywhere.

Wiki (OK, actually Twiki) has been suggested before, but without the active 
support of the OL core team it can't replace the FAQ-O-matic as the canonical 
source for documentation.  There are several OpenLDAP and LDAP wikis already in 
existence, mostly languishing.  


On 6 Jun 2004 at 19:40, Trevor Warren wrote:
>  Wrt to the docs won't a SGML or such format make more
> sent just like what tldp has on offer. It's much
> cleaner, presentable and navigable. I understand the
> amount of effort gone into faq-o-matic but i really
> think we can always have a wiki extension to the docs
> somewhere thro a simple link.