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openldap 2.2.12 LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Hello all, I have seen the previous discussion regarding this topic, but it was somehow inconlusive

If on Solaris 2.8, I have build openldap 2.2.10 successfully, and then I go and build openldap 2.2.12 with  the exact same environment and parameters, I cannot start slapd (the 2.2.12 slapd that is):

$ libexec/slapd
ld.so.1: libexec/slapd: fatal: libdb-4.2.so: open failed: No such file or directory

I know I can start slapd anyway by adding the bdb/lib directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
However, this doesnt work for me as I need to start slapd through sudo (and sudo ignores any LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings)

since everything worked perfect with 2.2.10, it is obvious that same change in 2.2.12 build/configure scripts is causing this behaviour

what can be done to get the 2.2.10 behaviour with regards to LD_LIBRARY_PATH back under 2.2.12?

thanks for any insights you might have