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Re: sample DB_CONFIG bdb backend docs : a must in faq-o-matic

Trevor Warren wrote:

--- Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

Relying on 2nd or 3rd hand documentation of this
form is both foolish and dangerous.


  Yep, easy to easy howard and a lot of hard work to
achieve. A lot of work on the documentation wrt
performance/tuning/scalability is still required as
part of the standard openldap doc online.

  If someone else does provide the same......its
welcome. And expecting everyone to come bowing to us
to clarify their stand isn't quite logical.

We shall do our part and so shall the rest howard.
Towards preventing such *disservice* in your words we
have to pull up our own documentation/guidelines and
have them all such that one ain't have to drool at
documentation hosted by others.

  Even if they need to i think its healthy, after all
we all are part of the same movement...FLOSS they say.


The documentation is obviously equally essential to the OpenLDAP project as the code itself. Why is it that you feel it's acceptable to rely on a small group of developers to write the code for you, but you feel it's OK to have your own documentation? The community knows that the code comes from one place. Why should the documentation be scattered all over the web? If the documentation you (collectively) write is useful, why don't you submit it back to the project, the same as a bug report or code patch, so that it can immediately become useful to everyone else?

An open souce code project succeeds partially because the code is peer-reviewed by a large number of developers who are skilled in the art and/or skilled in the topic area. This helps to ensure a good quality of code, with no security holes or other faulty logic. Why wouldn't you submit your documentation to the same standard of review? Why would you trust documentation that was written or reviewed by people who are not skilled in the topic area? It makes no sense.

Code or documentation that's squirreled away in someone's private corner of the web does not benefit the OpenLDAP community. Code only benefits people when it makes its way into the OpenLDAP ITS, so that other developers can review it, revise it, and incorporate it into the main distribution. Why do you expect the documentation to be any different?
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