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Re: scaling openldap for performance

Trevor Warren wrote:

 berkeley 4.2.52

Does it have all applicable patches?


 There just seem to be 2 patches available for the
same wrt:

> Long running apps hanging

 Our test scenario goes for a toss wrt 20 users  in a
15mins test. Now would you call that long??.

Don't be misled by the patch description. The bug in Patch #1 can be reproduced in OpenLDAP with only a handful of transactions. I know, since I found the bug and reported it to SleepyCat in the first place. Anyone running BDB 4.2.52 without Patch #1 is going to have problems.

I don't believe OpenLDAP exercises the code path that Patch #2 affects, but I've never bothered to take the time to verify it either. My own installation has both patches now.
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