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Re: scaling openldap for performance

Hello all,

--- Andreas <andreas@conectiva.com.br> wrote:
> > >Bombarding the server with Zero think time. It
> now
> And what is this "zero think time" thing you keep
> talking about? :)

 Testing of an Appln Server/Appln/Architecture is with
relation to the following:
 The basic test with respect to performance consist of
using a "Controller"(A program which fires Virtual
Users In a random/Deterministic Order) to bombard the

 If the scenarion choosen is a usual day-of-work
scenario then think time(Time between any two
consecutive Iterations) is deterministic and a finitie

 To stress the Server and System Architecuture we
perform BreakDown tests as part of PErformance
Testing. A Performance Test which is also a Break Down
test with "0" time between two user requests is called
a "Zero Think Time" test.  Unless the app/app
server/system under test(SUT) is capable of scaling to
this workload it will misbehave/crash/core-dump in a
plethora of ways.

> Some Star Trek(tm) weapon? :) You didn't forget to
> raise your shields,
> did you? :))

  I did but i don't think *Openldap* did..:D.

  Bye and take care all.


> (sorry ;)

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