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Re: failed with ldapsearch with GSSAPI - Please helpppppppppp

At 05:48 PM 6/2/2004, The Shell wrote:
>I found that cyrus-sasl-2.1.18  has a compliation option for krb4, but not krb5.
>Is that mean I need to downgrade my Kerberos version to 4? 

Cyrus SASL supports Kerberos V through GSSAPI.  If you have
questions regarding how to build Cyrus SASL with this support,
or how to configure Cyrus SASL software (including sample
client/server codes*), please use the Cyrus SASL lists.

(* As noted in our documentation, one should ensure their
Cyrus SASL environment is working prior to attempting to
make use of it in their OpenLDAP environment.)