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Re: large binary file storage

At 03:56 AM 5/27/2004, =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Pr=E1gai_R=F3bert?= wrote:
>  I try to store large files in an openldap 2.1.23 with BDB 4.1 backend.

You might try a more recent version, such as 2.1.30 or 2.2.11.

>in slapd.conf.
>  However when I try to insert a large file using an .ldif file:

It might be better to store a URL to the file than to store
the contents of the file in the directory.  But it should work.

>tower:/home/pragai/LDAP# ldapadd -x -W -D "cn=***,dc=****,dc=****" -f bigfile.ldif
>Enter LDAP Password:
>modifying entry "cn=test4,ou=test,o=files,dc=rubin,dc=hu"
>ldapadd: update failed: cn=test4,ou=test,o=files,dc=rubin,dc=hu
>ldap_modify: Critical extension is unavailable (12)
>      additional info: entry update failed

Assuming the more recent version of OpenLDAP Software behaves
in the same manner, I would appear that the either the client
generated a bogus PDU or the server is unable to correctly
parse the client PDU.

>0. Which extension is unavailable in this case?

The logs should give more info here.

>1. Is BDB capable of storing a single attribute 100MB large?


>2. What should I configure/install/compile to make such thing work?

sockbuf_max_incoming_auth usually covers it.

>3. Maybe I should use some other database backend: which one?

I'd make sure you are using the BDB backend (as opposed to the
LDBM backend with BDB).

>4. Does anyone managed to store such amount of data in a single attribute?