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Re: Need to recreate the LDAP directory

Hi chris,

> Hi all,
> I'm an LDAP newbie, and on first installing and configuring it with
> Mandrake's helpful document on doing so,
> (http://www.mandrakesecure.net/en/docs/ldap-auth2.php) i have realised
> i've made a hiccup at the base level.. i've set dc=co.uk instead of
> dc=co,dc=uk.

If you would like to erase your whole LDAP tree, and if it is the only tree
on your OpenLDAP box, just look for the path were all the databases stored
in your slapd.conf and simply erase the content of this directory. Normaly
it is stored under /var/lib/ldap, at least at my boxes.

I would suggest to make a backup of this directory before erasing the

> I would appreciate some advice on how to erase the directory and start
> again, so i can put the correct details in this time!

Then restart your OpenLDAP service.


PS: Remember, that your should do this only, if your dc=co.uk is the only
LDAP tree on that box.