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Topology design

Dear all,

Say if organisation A is using CriticalPath LDAP. However, it is getting to
be expensive to purchase the entries. Hence, we've decided to use OpenLDAP

Can we use both directories meaning, I will still maintain the data sitting
under CriticalPath but new entries will be created in OpenLDAP. As such the
namespace design will be adopted as how it is done in CriticalPath.

Say currently to access CriticalPath we do a ldap.orgA.com.my. How can I
configure OpenLDAP to bridge with CriticalPath so that when a user makes a
query, the traverse of the tree in CriticalPath will check ... if data is
not found, if will then traverse OpenLDAP ?

Is this design acceptable or is it best to just port over all data from
CriticalPath to OpenLDAP as well ?