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poor performance of Openldap/Pgsql-7.4.1


I installed OpenLDAP-2.2.11/PgSQL-7.4.1 on Solaris9.

After I added one thousand entries, although I tuned up parameters of postgresql.conf, 
used directorymark tool to test the performance of ldapsearch, the results was only 
1.7ops. It was very poor.
(By back-bdb with same entries, I got 387.8ops. )

Information of my entries like: 
dn: cn=zhang(0-1000),o=sql,c=RU
objectClass: top
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
cn: zhang(0-1000)
sn: pu
o: sql
uid: (0-1000)
mail: zhang@sql.com
employeeNumber: (0-1000)

I used all of default sql files under /back-sql/pgsql/ to create the data store, but 
only added one line in testdb_create.sql as below.
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX PK_authors_docs ON authors_docs (pers_id,doc_id);

Has anybody gotten high performance by postgresql? 
Would you please give me suggestions? 

Another question:
Does back-sql support all of matching rules of RFC?

Thanks & regards

 Fujitsu Hokuriku Systems Software Enterprise Oketani Project
 Zhang Pu zhang@fjh.fujitsu.com