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Re: Openldap and going from Redhat 8 to 9

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Karl Bellve wrote:
| I need a bit of help. Our ldap system went down due to a freak event. It
| was on a raid 1 system and we lost both drives due to write errors which
| killed their low level formats.
| Anyway, I decided to upgrade the system from Redhat 8 to Redhat 9. Once
| upgraded, I restored the ldap database from tape backups. But, did
| Redhat 9 change the database backend? I believe it wants DB4, but my
| files are ldbm, I believe.

No, your files are gdbm. Your Openldap backend type is ldbm.

| If this is the case, how do I convert from one database to another, or
| tell the ldap server to use the database I want? I do have ldbm in my
| sldap.conf file, but I guess it is ignoring it.

I am not sure about RH9, but all the other RH releases I have tried have
~ database-specific versions of slapcat etc. So, you should be able to
run  slapcat-gdbm to dump the ldif from your gdbm files, and then you
can slapadd them back.

BTW, backups to tape would probably best be done as LDIF's ...


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