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Importing ldif from iPlanet


I'm a total newbie when it comes to LDAP and what I'm trying to do is
import an LDIF file from an iplanet LDAP server to OpenLDAP for
development purposes.

My slapd.conf contains the following lines amongst others:
database bdb 
suffix "o=myCompany" 
rootdn "cn=Directory Administrators,o=myCompany" 
rootpw secret 
directory e:/openldap/var/openldap-data

and the ldif file contains the following:

version: 1
dn: o=myCompany
dn: ou=WD,o=MyCompany
dn: ou=People,ou=HQ,o=MyCompany
dn: uid=scunningham,ou=people,ou=WD,o=myCompany
dn: uid=sroach,ou=people,ou=WD,o=myCompany
dn: uid=kdeering,ou=people,ou=WD,o=myCompany
dn: uid=bwong, ou=people, ou=WD, o=myCompany

I've tried running different commands such as:
Ldapadd -D "cn=Directory Administrators,o=myCompany" -w secret <

And all I get is an error:
Ldapadd: no attributes to change or add (entry="o=myCompany")

Can someone pls point me to the right direction...